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Start Date: 26-Apr-2021
Capacity: 20 (20% booked)

82nd International Multibeam Training Course

Asia-Pacific May 2021 - postponed due to CV-19.

MB Course will return to the Asia-Pacific as soon as we reach the other side of CV-19.  Until then, stay safe.

The 82nd Multibeam Training Course is a six-day, 36-lecture course is designed to provide a theoretical and practical background in marine swath survey technology and techniques for hydrographic surveys, continental shelf boundary delimitation, offshore engineering, harbour dredging, fisheries habitat, route survey and scientific research, and provides overviews of: the technology and problems associated with shallow water multibeam surveys, processing and visualization techniques designed to address the complexities of swath mapping, constraints on using swath bathymetry to produce highest quality data, data management prior to processing, image enhancement options available for sidescan sonar, multibeam backscatter, and subbottom profiler / seismic data, digitising of features and reflectors, target capture, and final product export.


To be announced.


The course runs for 6 days commencing at 0800 finishing at 1730 (followed by Happy Hour).


Contact Nicole Bergersen or Lindsay Gee, read more about MB Course here, or register your interest directly on this page.

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