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Y10 Work Experience Student

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For Year 10 Work Experience, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Acoustic Imaging for a week. During this time, we worked on the Mooloolah River, SE Queensland. Our purpose was to understand the sub bottom strata below the river floor. By working with dual frequencies we were able to pick out schools of fish in the water column, the river floor, wharf infrastructure, and then 5 or 6 metres deeper.
This experience was valuable because of the vast learning opportunities. At this point in my schooling, it was very useful to be able to put my maths and science knowledge into practise, in a real life situation. This experience also allowed me to get involved in the job. I was able to contribute to the project, including helping to mobilise the boat and set up equipment. I also learned a great deal about what the data means, and how it can be used. While out on the water, as the data was coming in; the theory behind the data was explained so that I knew both what we were doing and what it meant. The environment was comfortable for learning, and somewhere that I felt comfortable asking questions.
My work experience with Acoustic Imaging was rewarding, and very valuable with the fast approaching end of school. Thank you Acoustic Imaging.
Zoe - Year 10, Abbotsleigh School, Sydney.
Acoustic Imaging Marine Programs Manager, Nicole Bergersen, praised Zoe's willingness to involve herself in all aspects of Acoustic Imaging operations from geophysical survey planning to system set-up and mobilisation, field work, office processing and product generation.

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